Innate immune training to boost anti-SARS-CoV-2 immunity

Data from the current SARS-CoV-2 and former SARS and MERS outbreaks show that strong antiviral responses driven by innate immune cells help to control viral replication at early stage. Thus, we aim to work on an immunomodulatory strategy that can reduce the morbidity and mortality related to future outbreaks in an antigen-independent manner and to evaluate strategies to modulate and boost the protective capacity of any antigen-specific vaccine developed, in order to reinforce innate immunity against potential outbreaks of different viruses.

Our proposed solution is to enhance innate immune responses in a prophylactic manner by inducing Trained Immunity (TI) with MV130, a polybacterial preparation. We aim to explore MV130 in the development of protective innate TI against coronavirus.

In addition, we will test whether MV130 pre-treatment to enhance innate immunity can boost the immunogenicity and avoid potential deleterious effects in several antigen-specific vaccines.

Este proyecto está financiado parcialmente por el Banco de Santander en el uso de MV130 para potenciar una vacuna antígeno específica basada en proteína S recombinante frente a COVID-19.